Yediot Acharonot - August 2, 2003
Shirley Mushayuf

Not Just a Pretty Face

An Interview with Yehuda Levi, the leading male character Jagger in the new Israeli cinematic hit Yossi & Jagger. Levi has all the qualities to be a star: He is gorgeous, he can sing, he can dance, climb up tables in TV commercials and thrills hearts in an Israeli Soap. But just as any well-worth guy, he wants to be more than on the covers of youth journals. So he went on and acted as a gay officer in the drama Yossi & Jagger, with all that implies.
Yehuda: "I've learned to take masculinity less seriously".

Last week the drama Yossi & Jagger, a touching love story between two officers, received Honorable Mention at the Jerusalem International Film Festival.
The Judges mentioned the courage and boldness of Eytan Fox, director, and Avner Bernheimer, screenwriter, to deal with such a subject that is still considered as a taboo: homosexual love in the army.

Q: Weren't you afraid that the part could damage your career?
A: Absolutely not. I looked at this part as an actor that needs to be able to portray as many different and interesting characters as possible. This part seems to be very interesting, and it was very important to make that twist. It was important to me that people could see that I can play all different kinds of roles, and not be typecasted. All I do is portray a person, that's all. A person with a different sexual preference.

Q: How was the kiss-scene?
A: Great fun. Not as awkward as I thought. A little bit awkward but not too much. It was mainly cold. When we laid down on the snow my butt froze completely. It's coldness that really gets under your skin, and you can't even feel your fingers. I've suffered as I've never suffered before, but it was worth it.