Haaretz - Novermber 24, 2002Military Secret
Ruta Kuppher

Military Secret

It is a rare case, that a TV movie has a high rating before even being broadcasted, but that is exactly the case with Yossi & Jagger, directed by Eytan Fox, that will be the opening drama at "Rishon Badrama" - Original Israeli Creation strip on channel 3.

The movie was very successful on theaters in commercials screenings in the past three months. The success was very surprising, considering its taboo subject - love story between two gay soldiers, Yossi (Ohad Knoller) and Lior, that is called Jagger because of his rock star looks (Yehuda Levi), that serve together in an outpost up north.

The atmosphere in the remote and cold base moves between idleness and despair. The love affair is kept a secret from the other soldiers, despite Jagger wishes to come out in the open, and the end of the affair is tragic.

Not all the characters have are fully developed - the two women soldiers are empty female clich?, the colonel (Sharon Raginiano) is also a caricature.

But there are others. The outpost's cook has found a refuge from army stupidity in the form of creative dished (meatball sushi). Ofir is a soldier in love that is played very accurately by Assi Cohen. This is a very good start to a very worthy project. Recommended.