rainbownetwork.com - March 26, 2003

17th London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
Screening Sunday 6 Apr 18:30 NFT 1

Based on a true story, Yossi & Jagger portrays the love affair of two Israeli officers in a remote army base on the Israeli-Lebanese border. They are commanders, they are in love and they try to find a place of their own in an oppressing and rigid system, which sends them to defend a cause they do not necessarily believe in.

The film presents an enchanting ensemble of young men and women that were supposed, in this time of their lives, to dance, study and love. Instead, they have to devote their most beautiful years to their country to be soldiers, to kill and get killed.

Without flag waving or ideological posturing, this film tells the story of young people trying to survive an impossible war.

Made on a mere $200,000 budget, Yossi & Jagger has been selling out screenings in Tel Aviv for months. Director Eytan Fox's choice of Israel's hottest heartthrob, Yehuda Levi, to play Jagger certainly caused a few raised eyebrows. However, the sexy star of a popular Israeli soap rose to the challenge of playing a flamboyant gay officer with a penchant for diva music.

Don`t miss out on your chance to catch this fim during April`s London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival!