August 3rd, 2002

Yossi & Jagger - Tel-Aviv Cinematheque

Yossi & Jagger will be screened at the Tel-Aviv Cinematheque for four screenings a week after the positive reviews it received following the special screening at the Cinematheque last week.

Yossi & Jagger won the Honorable Mention at the Jerusalem International Film Festival at July this year.

The drama Yossi & Jagger deals with the relationships complexities between soldiers at a remote outpost, that intensify when the soldiers are preparing for another nightly ambush.

Yossi, Ohad Knoller, and Jagger, Yehuda Levi, as well as being two officers commanding the soldiers at the outpost, are lovers, trying to keep their love affair secret. The third officer in the outpost, Ofir, is in love with Yaeli, the operations sergeant, but she has her heart set on Jagger.

Yossi & Jagger will be shown during all of August on Wednesdays at 7pm, Thursdays and Fridays at midnight, and Saturdays at 3 pm.

Yossi & Jagger, that was intended to be a 50 minutes drama, and was produced with the sponsorship of the Israeli Cable Programming (ICP), got the approval to be longer, and is now 65 minutes long.